Trendy Summertime Knits (Crochet too!)


It is time to whip out those flip flops and gorgeous floppy hats. I occasionally hear fellow crafters say that fall and winter are the only time of year they knit and/or crochet.

Wait, What?!

Yarn arts are something I enjoy doing all year around, so I wanted to share a few patterns here that you can make this summer and also enjoy!
Also, one of my biggest frustrations when looking at pages like this is that sometimes you don’t know if the pattern you are looking at is crochet or knit, I have lovingly labeled these for you.
Knit not for you? Jump to Crochet.


Juliet Sleeveless Sweater

Juliet Sleeveless Sweater (knit)


Constance Sleeveless Top

Constance Sleeveless Top (knit)


Silver Moon Shrug (knit)


Shrug This (knit)

At the Barre Shrug (crochet)


Kerry Shrug (crochet)

Sweet Summertime Hooded Vest (crochet)

My Favorite Summer Top



Alright guys! That’s it from me for now. Enjoy these patterns and stay cool!



6 Fresh Spring Crochet and Knit Patterns

Six Fresh Springtime Crochet and Knit Patterns For You

Hello there fellow hookers! It has been super cold and wet here in Ohio this past month or so and I don't know about you but I am ready for Spring! That inspired me to gather up some of lovely patterns that remind me of spring.

Let's shake off these Winter Blues! These patterns are from some of my favorite artists and each of them have many more excellent patterns on their websites. I encourage you look around and find something that will bring you joy.

Ready! Set! Spring!

1. Make and Do Crew - Asymetrical Triangle Shawl Crochet Pattern

Puff Stitches in this free crochet pattern make this shawl work up quickly and beautifully.
Pair it with a springtime dress for a touch of flair and color!

2. One Dog Woof - New Paths Shawl Knit Pattern

This springtime knit shawl pattern is repetitive and easy to make while watching your favorite tv show.
Perfect for adding a pop of color and helps to remind us that Spring is on its' way!

3. E&P Crochet - French Moss Top Crochet Pattern

This free crochet pattern is worked in Tunisian crochet. If you haven't tried it, you should. It's gorgeous and easy!
It looks similar to knit and it's super easy to do. This top is worked in two panels and then sewn together.

4. One Dog Woof - Granny Square Top Crochet Pattern

This springtime top is worked in two granny squares and a bit of waffle stitch.
Despite it's open look it is actually a lovely warm top. Perfect for that springtime chill.

5. Craft Passion - Entrelac Messenger Bag Knit Pattern

This free intermediate knit pattern is made up of entrelac stitches.
A great item to add to your accessories for springtime and makes a great picnic bag!

6. Make and Do Crew - Urban Gypsy Boho Bag Crochet Pattern

This free hippy boho bag crochet pattern is worked in pieces and then sewn together. Groovy!

I hope you enjoy these springtime patterns and have some fun making them. I want to see your creations. Find me on instagram! Until next time, stay warm and keep on craftin'.

Still here? Need a beginner project? Here's a lovely crochet dishcloth pattern.


Lion Brand Duo-Tone Throw

Hello There!

Winter is coming and that means blankets, scarves, gloves, hats galore! I LOVE curling up with a good book and a warm blanket. This pattern from Lion Brand is fast, easy and looks gorgeous! This is not my pattern nor am I affiliate with Lion Brand at the time of this post, I just made this blanket for myself! I never make anything for myself so this is a big deal. In love and just want the pattern? Scroll down to find the link.


All you need is Scarfie Yarn, a size J (6.0) hook and some scissors and off you go.

You can get Scarfie Yarn here! I chose Taupe/Cream for my Blanket!

The only stitch you need to know for this pattern is how to chain and half double crochet. Which makes it super easy for beginners. And as you can see it looks like a lot more complicated than it really is. The varigrated yarn is the culprit. Side note: Scarfie is my all time favorite yarn, but it does tend to pill a bit. Keep this blanket away from pets!

Tips from Kristina on this pattern:

Tension: I took my merry ol' time working on this project and one important tip I have for you is check your tension as you work through this project. The blanket is worked in panels, or strips and you will make 5 of them to seam together. When I put out all of my panels and was preparing to assemble my blanket, I noticed that one of my panels was longer than the other.
Turns out my tension was more relaxed for this panel than all of the others. Which means, the dreaded frog. On a good note, these panels work up super fast and in about an hour I was able to crochet it back up.

Seaming: I chose to use the mattress stitch to sew up my panels and it worked well. It was a slow process, and I have a tendency to get antsy when seaming or sewing things together, but this was a good technique.

Design: Be sure to lie out your panels before beginning to sew together. This will help ensure your pattern looks right. I made sure there was always a dark section lined up next to a light section to create the checkered look!

Pattern: Well if you are ready Click Here to get to the pattern on the Lion Brand website. They also have kits if you need to buy the materials for the project as well!


Happy Crocheting!


This page may contain affliate links in which I will receive a small monetary value for items purchased through those links.


Quick Criss Cross Half-Double Beanie

Hi there and welcome to my site. I am SO glad you are here! I went on a bit of a hat making binge and came up with this bulky crochet pattern below. It works up fast and is warm and cute!



Quick Criss-Cross Beanie Pattern:

Skill Level: Beginner

Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky,100% Acrylic (3.5 oz / 100g) [6] Super Bulky Weight Yarn, Color: Hot Pink (Yarn Care: Machine Wash and Dry)
• Hook: N 15 (10.00 mm) Susan Bates
Scissors, Darning Needle


3rd Loop – Loop behind the stitch
Ch - Chain
MR - Magic Ring
Rep – Repeat
SC - Single Crochet
SK – skip
SS – Slip Stitch
ST/STS – Stitch, Stitches

Helpful Tutorials

Magic Ring


• This project is worked in the round
• At the end of each row you will slip stich to the first stitch of the row and chain 1
• The chain one does not count as a stitch
• In row 6 you will begin the cross stich HDC, skip the first stitch HDC in the next, then go back and HDC in the skipped stitch
Finished Circumference 20, 7.5” height. Adult medium. To fit 22” head size.


Pattern Instructions

R1: MR, ch1, 8 sc, ss to the stop of the first sc [8]
R2: Ch 1, 2 hdc in each st around, ss to the top of the first hdc [16]
R3: Ch 1, *2 hdc in the first st, 1 hdc in the next** Repeat from * to ** until end, ss to the top of the first hdc [24]
R4: Ch 1, * 2 hdc in the first st, 1 hdc in the next two sts** Repeat from * to ** until end, ss to the top of the first hdc [32]
R5: Ch 1, * 2 hdc in the first st, 1 hdc in each of the next three sts** Repeat from * to ** until end, ss to the top of the first hdc [40]

R6: Ch1, *sk first stich, hdc in the next st, hdc in the skipped st.** (This is the cross stich hdc, your stitches should have crossed over one another.) Rep from * to ** around until you reach the end. [20 cross sts]

Round 7-10 Repeat Round 6

R11: Ch 1, hdc in the 3rd loop BEHIND the stitch. This will push the stitch forward to create a nice line for the bottom of the hat. Continue this stitch around until the end. [40]

R12: Rep round 11. [40]

Finish off. Weave in ends. 

Optional: You can add a pom-pom if you’d like to the top. I made one with and one without. I like them both.

I also made another hat with a Bernat Thick and Quick. See picture below. Any size 6 Super Bulky weight yarn will work for this.

Happy Crocheting!!